Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Shay was one of the biggest acts who thrilled patrons of the BF Suma Fest Concert held on the October 28, 2018 at the Fantasy Dome in Accra.

The 22-year-old afro pop singer did not only deliver a mouth-watering performance on the night, but also gave her fans a free show of her erected nipples in what many believe to be a wardrobe malfunction.

Performing one of her 2018 hit songs ‘Bedroom Commando’, Wendy Shay offered her audience an eyeful of her ‘tits’ popping out of her sparkling attire after a male performer helped her unwrap a cover clothe she was wearing.

That was not all that happened on the night.

Wendy Shay also questioned the intelligence of a journalist who tried having a conversation with her concerning her brand.

After all the thrilling performances, Joy FM’s entertainment presenter, Gloria Acquah popularly known as MzGee approached the ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker to chit chat with her.

The conversation which started on an interesting note, ended abruptly over claims by the artiste that she was being asked dumb questions by MzGee.

In the viral video, Wendy Shay urges Ghanaians to accept her brand and her personality because her record is noted for releasing new songs with compelling contents.

“We’re always bringing out good and amazing songs so Ghanaians should accept me for who I am. They should accept me as Wendy Shay,” she told MzGee.

To seek clarity on what her brand really is, MzGee further asked the artiste to explain who she is “as Wendy Shay”.

The RuffTown act, however, got infuriated describing the question as “the dumbest question” she has ever been asked by a journalist.

“Who is Wendy Shay? Can we cut the interview? This is a dumb question. I don’t wanna do the interview anymore,” Wendy retorted as she walked away from the microphone making MzGee end the interview abruptly.