Innovation movement is set to release the much awaited album entitled Respect the women on Sunday December 23,2018.  innovation is known in public life as Abraham Nlenkiba who is the  national General secretary elect for North East Musicians’Association (NEMA) in Ghana.

When interviewed by,the musician revealed that most of his tracks are sang in his native language :Likpakpaanl but because of the diverse nature of Ghana, he has recorded other tracks in English Language.

He also revealed that he has written down songs not less than 50 but has to be recording them once in a while to be able to exhaust those songs,he added that every blessed day comes with new ideas and experiences which he translates into songs.

Asked why the name “innovation” ? He said innovation has to do with bringing new things, new styles so he and his movement aim to be more creative to challenge musicians from countries like Nigeria,South  Africa.He said his movement is currently training two young uprising artists:Bones Wale and Don. Sali to shake Ghanaian music industry come 5-10 years time.

Innovations new album’s title,respect the women has  a reflection on the kind of work Africa women go through on daily basis and yet men do not see that and can be quick to tag women as bad,lazy  in a least privacation,he said in his part of the country ,he can see women working all day long and while at work they back their babies,so in the song he asks everybody to respect the women,value the women, honour the women and love them because African women are the best.

Asked the number of tracks to be released on the set date,innovation reveales that, the album is made up of 10 tracks who he mentioned as follows:

#Respect the women #Tinyiki nimo #Dichakina #Bigbim #Nin ye iyaan #419 #Ligiin che #iwiliin #Don’t chop my dollar #we need friends

These songs are produced/ recorded in studios such as

Master K.innovation-Accra


Beblack-Damanko and Hit beatz in Bimbilla.

He believes that the new album is a step he has taken ahead and would soon be a recognized artist in Ghana.

He however made it known that he is still searching for a manager to manage him and help him realize his dream in the music industry,he added that he can see himself to be very creative and good but need management to go nation wide and into international level.

He also revealed that he is looking forward to have a feature with favorate Ghanaian artists such as: Wutah Kobby,Kuami Eugene,Visa kdei,kidi,Nero X,and Daddy Lumba in the nearest future.

You can reach innovation on 0541567038 or on Facebook  :Nlenkiba.abrahamnjonaan.