The maiden edition of Face of High School hits the Upper East region. This is an initiative of Broad Shuldaz Entertainment.

The event is aimed at giving an opportunity to females in second cycle institutions in the Upper East region to acquire knowledge outside the classroom. It is a platform where some selected students will learn about leadership, team work and societal development in their immediate environments. The students selected will be representing themselves and their respective schools. They will have to identify major sanitory problems they face as students within schools and its environs especially in the Upper East that effects their studies.

The event is set to start this November 2018 to April 2019. Activities outlined during this 5 month session include leadership training for female students, campaign on sanitation, health screening, blood donation, cooking competition and an excursion to a tourist site in the Upper east region.

There are exciting price packages for the students who emerge as winners in the event, that is, first to fourth positions. These are in three folds:

  1. The first to fourth position holders will receive several awards
  2. The winning school will receive a painting which promotes the campaign on sanition, as well as, a girl child education campaign painting on its wall. This will also be for the three runner-ups.
  3. A project targeting proper sanitary conditions to promote girl child education and prevent teenage pregnancy and child marriages in the Upper East region. This project will be based on a five-year developmental plan. The winner and her runner-ups will visit selected second cycle and basic schools; and communities that have high rates of the above mentioned social issues.

We implore all students to partake in this life changing and exciting programme. Let’s meet new people and learn new things.