I write not as a student of KNUST, but as a student activist; an ambassador for change, and a Ghanaian. The very reason I am putting this into writing is to call for sanity in our student politics and the demonstrations held on our various campuses.

I would want you to note that, I do not consider myself as a monopoly of wisdom and so, what I would be doing in this piece is to share my personal views. This may not be necessarily true but they constitute my opinion.

KNUST shutdown

Demonstration as defined by the Longman Dictionary, “is an occasion where a large group of people meet to show that they disagree or support something”. I do not know if the synonym for disagreement means violence and destruction. Maybe the “KNUST student Dictionary” might have it. Our news front desk was hit by the arrest and brutalization of 10 students and one alumnus of KNUST on Friday whiles holding a vigil on campus.

I felt bad when I heard that these students were subjected to actions of brutality by the campus security.

To my joy, I saw a letter by the KNUST SRC circulating on social media urging all students to boycott lectures and come together to submit their grievances to the school authorities through a demonstration. I had the signal that we have realized it is time to rise up and fight injustice and to liberate ourselves from broad day light slavery, we as students have realized our rights and that those rights should not be abused.

I envisioned Monday,22nd October 2018 as a day student diplomacy and discipline will be shown in the manner and way our grievances will be expressed only for it to become a hunting ground for violence and destruction. I do not know what you and I would have said if my father, uncle or aunty, who never had the chance of going to school, engaged in matters of such sort. In fact, this is a shame.

I have now come to the realization that, circular education is not a guarantee to a well-mannered and disciplined lifestyle. It rather certifies us to act in ways of violence and still defend these actions when criticized or condemned.

The nice green pickup of our dean of students have been destroyed; icy cup cars have been defaced; school buildings and many others have been destroyed. Just look at the mess violence has created. It’s time for the President of the republic of Ghana, the Vice Chancellor and other stake holders to come clear the mess we have created.

I stand for justice; I stand with the KNUST SRC, I stand against violence and I stand against demonstration of violence and destruction. I stand for the arrest of the perpetrators of these acts of violence and destruction as justified by the school authorities. We should be students of discipline and substance and not of violence and destruction. I wish them well.

God save KNUST, God save our Motherland Ghana.


Source: Ameer Adle Muhammad /ghgoonline.com

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